Changelogs 0.2.1


Quality of life:

  • In Menu (Esc) and Pause (P) mouse can be used ouside of the game window
  • Tabbing (Alt + TAB) out of the game, does pause it automatically

Solved Bugs:

  • Fixed weird tooltip rotations
  • Fixed the weird far shooting distance if a arrow tower was upgraded to T2.
  • Fixed the breaking point of the monsters loot text from two to three digets.
  • Campaign buttons in the main menu reset correctly if the campaign was resettet.
  • Tower range indicator is showing the correct range now.

Changelogs 0.2.0



  • Added a Tower-Range-Indicator which shows the maximum range of the tower when focused.
  • Delete tower button adjusted so players no longer accidentally delete a tower when they want to upgrade it.
  • Added a possibility to sell towers for 50% of their value


  • Color & Line Strenght added to allow the user to individualize the tower range indicator
  • Audio Options added

User Interface:

  • Added an overview in the level’s start screen that shows the possible items that can be dropped by enemies.
  • Added a new wave overview at the top which shows previous, current and future waves.
  • Added a hover effect to the wave overview, which shows the skills, drops and incoming damage per wave.
  • Added a way to continue or restart the campaign from the main menu.
  • Tower Info Panel does not show anymore if a tower does zero AOE or singletarget damage.


  • Added a pause screen which can be opened with the Hotkey „P“
  • Added camera rotation by pressing hotkeys „Q“ and „E“
  • Added 21:9 Widescreen Support.
  • Added new Enemys: Chicken (4 Types), Cow (3 Types), Goat (4 Types), Pig (4 Types), Snail (8 Types).
  • Added different colors to start and end portals.
  • Added build- and destruction sounds and particle effects to towers


  • Changed Cannon T1 Damage Values to Singletarget: 0; AOE: 2 (was 1; 3)
  • Changed Cannon T2 Damage Values to Singletarget: 0; AOE: 4 (was 1; 4)
  • Changed Cannon T3 Damage Values to Singletarget: 0; AOE: 7 (was 2; 6)

Solved Bugs:

  • Fixed the way a level loops the music
  • Fixed a bug that allow monsters to avoid damage from projectiles
  • Fixed a bug related to the Plasma debuff where the wave could never end
  • Fixed a bug where projectiles did not always hit
  • The targeting of the towers has been corrected. Monsters in curves and straight lines are now prioritized correctly
  • The range of the Death T1 tower has been fixed
  • Pausing the game now no longer creates weird target priorities of the towers
  • Fixed a bug where after finishing a wave, the next wave has not started anymore