Engaging Story

Experience and control the exciting campaign around the rise and fall of your aristocratic family, compete with enemies and meet allies.

Defend Khaldoria

You are the descendant of the vampire king Zadicus. As his time is slowly coming to an end, you’ll be involved bit by bit in the art of defending the king’s lands.

Magical towers

Unlock a variety of towers with different magical attack types, learn custom upgrades, and strategically place towers to protect the people.

Endless mode

Play the endless mode that offers you unique levels with each level, new talent trees for your towers and a constantly increasing difficulty level.

You like to support the devs?

Besides some insider info you will also get the chance to actively participate in the development process with your opinion, create your own levels for the final game or even your own character.

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Mystic Towerdefense 0.4.3

Download the current demo version of Mystic Towerdefense to get a first insight into the development status and support the development team with your feedback.


Get an overview of what Mystic Towerdefense looks like.